The contest “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD 2017” is established within the framework of the event World Design Talks by Africa Design Days, organized from 28 to 30 June 2017.


The design to the English terminology sense namely design and “not the decor” is now recognized internationally by companies, organizations and public authorities as a factor of innovation and development products and services for the benefit of growth and human.

Africa Design Award is a platform of African design, a real melting pot where all the actors of design (designers, design agencies, companies have integrated the notion of design in their strategy of development, states, local communities, associations, architects, craftsmen, etc.), from the continent, to express it, know-how and highlight all their talent, creativity and vision in the service of Africa.

Africa as an emerging and future-oriented continent is experiencing an ambitious economic and social transformation, irresistibly guiding the continent towards the path of modernity and prosperity.

In this sense, Africa Design Awards act as a projector highlighting the African design project, which, in addition to having its place in the creative concert of nations around the world, is assured as the creative renewal of creativity for the benefit of the development of a sustainable and inclusive world.


  • The term “organizing committee” refers to the organizing committee of “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD 2017”, including the organizers and executive organizers.
  • The words “candidate” or “participant” means any individual or group of individuals entered in the contest “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD 2017” has submitted his (its) project (s) to the Organizing Committee.
  • The word “Jury” refers to the Committee to select the corresponding projects selection criteria.
  • The word “design project” refers to the original work presented to the organizing committee by the candidate in the spirit of the design definition.
  • The word “winner” refers to the project that won the prize.
  • The word “competition” refers to “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD”.

ARTICLE 1: definition of design.

In the spirit of the definition of the World Design Organization, reference is made to the result of the strategic solving process problems for products, systems, services and experiences. This design results in innovation, production value of businesses and organizations and a better quality of life offered to man for a better world.

The design is thus an interdisciplinary profession that connects innovation, technology, crafts, business, research and clients to transform problems into opportunities to achieve a better product, system, service, experience, business.

The design and designer in mind are aware of the economic, social, environmental and ethical issues arising from their business, they work for a better world.

ARTICLE 2: definition of the participants:

  • “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD” is a design competition which is open to any company or individual involved in a design project approach, it is thus for example designers, designers aspirants, design agencies, companies integrated design into their development strategy, states, communities, associations, architects, cooperatives, artisans, etc. having created and developed a design concept, product or service in any industry or field in direct link with Africa and African in an ethical mind.
  • Applications may come from all over the world provided that they are intended to bring added value to the African continent
  • Participation in the competition is free and open to young designers, independant designers, SME’s, companies or any company involved directly or indirectly in design & innovation


This competition is based on the presentation of a design project already completed (or existing at the prototype stage but also sketches and / or 3D) and can embody a vision of Africa in its determination to go forward, and through the material consistency of the project or in the process it represents.

The participant must give a title to the project. This title should be representative of the topic and remain consistent in relation to project design product or service presented.

Areas of design concerned:

  • Design product (any tangible object)
  • Design services (any type of service embodied by a product design)
  • Design Fashion and Textile
  • Culinary Design
  • Design packaging
  • Graphic Design (Print & Web)
  • Design brand (logo, graphic design, branding)
  • Design of space (interior, hotels, working room, shop window, store concept)

Prizes 2017:

  • First Prize by World Design Organisation / WDO
  • Concept Prize by IF Awards (Design des services – tout type de service matérialisé par un projet design, design d’espace (intérieur, hôtellerie, working place, vitrine, concept store)
  • Young Designer Prize by Salone Satellite Milano
  • Special prize of the jury by Menara Holding
  • Morocco Design Award Prize by Africa Culture Days

Ethics design project:

  • The project design ensures respect for rights, protection of the environment and its sustainability on a global scale
  • The project design ensures better advantage than the initial situation to end users, producers and market participants, individuals or social groups.
  • The design project promotes cultural diversity facing globalization.


  • The competition is organized by the “FEMADE Federation of Moroccan Design and Industrial Design” and “1852 & Co” agency in partnership with World Design Organization
  • Registration is open from 18 May to 20 June (midnight) 2017.
  • The awards ceremony will be held June 28, 2017.


The design project must meet the conditions of funds, on pain of being refused the competition, namely:

– The proposed project will meet the proposed theme (Article 6)

– It will not contain sexual stage of the apology of a political movement, a religious sect, hatred or violence.

– It does not contain any denigration of a situation, a policy, a body corporate, or any defaming any person or entity.

– The design must not relate to industrial designs that violate morality or public order or reproduce effigies, signs, symbols, names, decorations, emblems, official coins and stamps of control and warranty Kingdom or other countries of the Paris Union.

ARTICLE 6: formal requirements

To be eligible, the project must meet the following conditions:

The participant will present a draft follows a creative direction around the theme of the African Continent and African design & innovation

– Filling elements of the project for participation:

Contest participants will:

– Fill out the online form according to the website instructions


“AFRICA DESIGN AWARD” will consist of a jury and an organizing committee, both composed of individuals, large groups of presidents, journalists and media owners and media, experts across all areas of big names from the world of publishing Design, economic, financial and cultural actors …

The jury will be responsible for identifying projects and their authors and impartially select the winners who will be publicized through several distribution channels in the print and digital media at national and international level.

All applications will be read and examined with great care impartially.

The judges will meet and determine the winning project of the competition for each category.


  • First Prize by World Design Organisation / WDO
  • Concept Prize by IF Awards (Design des services – tout type de service matérialisé par un projet design, design d’espace (intérieur, hôtellerie, working place, vitrine, concept store)
  • Young Designer Prize by Salone Satellite Milano
  • Special prize of the jury by Menara Holding
  • Morocco Design Award Prize


-  Project Display           

  • Inspirations & Sketchs : Where does the creative core of the project comes from ?
  • Layout : Presentation of the sketchs, flow of the ideas, presentation of the approach
  • Relevance of the argumentation : How well-explained the project is ?

- Innovation & Conception

  • Originality : How the project is innovative ? is it completely new or it supplement an existing project by improving any functionnal or easthetic aspect of it ?
  • Aesthetic appeal : Is the project aesthetical aspect is pleasant to look at it ? How the formal code was processed ?
  • Symbolic and emotional content : Does the project provides the user enjoyment beyond the functional purpose ? does it reflect any positive value or emotional attachement ?

- Technical process

  • Fonctionality : What usability the project fulfills and what significant benefit does he delivers to the user ? Does the project solves any problem related to society, ecology, technology… etc ?
  • Feasability : Does the project have any chance to be developped into the stage of a final product with a limited budget ?
  • Ergonomics : How does the project interact with the physical or if necessary, the psychic condition of the user ? Is it perfectly adapted to the human body ?

- Eco responsibility

  • Ecological compatibility : Does the projects take in consideration the environmental standards ? how does the manufacturing and disposal issues affects the environment ? (toxic waste, Carbon footprint… ?)
  • Sustainability : Does the project offers any possible recyclability ? Does it contribute in any way to the protection of the environment and its sustainability on a global scale ?
  • Durability : Does the project have a considerable life-span in any formal, technical, material or non material aspect ?

-  Vision

  • How relevant the global vision of the project is ?
  • Does the global vision of the projects treats any ethical aspect ? like providing an environmentally friendly sensitivity or promoting cultural diversity in front of a world constantly in the rails of globalization ?


The contest organizers reserve the right to broadcast all of the projects listed on appropriate platforms.

Participation in the competition implies full acceptance of the terms set out in this Regulation. Any dispute regarding interpretation will be resolved without appeal by the organizers.

Amendments or changes to this Regulation will eventually be published during the competition, they will be considered as appendices to these rules.

ARTICLE 11: Disclaimer

  1. Contacts


  1. Organizers:

–           FEMADE Federation of Moroccan Design and Industrial Design “represented

by its President Mr. Hicham Lahlou

  • 1852&CO, Executive producer of the event for FEMADE
  1. Legal Statement

The following terms and conditions of participation are clearly indicated on the official website and registration forms for this contest. They are deemed known and accepted by all candidates registering on the official website.

  1. Intellectual property rights

Applicants must confirm that they have full and exclusive copyright of the projects submitted in the competition “AFRICA DESIGN AWARD 2017”. Applicants should ensure that their projects are not in violation of Morocco’s laws or regulations do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties. In case of violation, the legal responsibility of the candidates will be initiated.

Each candidate continues to own the project and the rights relating thereto. It is his best to protect it. As such, the organizing committee declines any liability for damage caused to the applicant due to inadequate protection, irregular or invalid.

  1. Circulation authorization

A candidate authorizes, by entering the Contest, the Organizing Committee to publish or communicate his project in various media such as newspapers, magazines, television, internet, books, catalogs, exhibitions, etc …, and to use his image personal, without time limit and without giving them the right to remuneration.

  1. Exemption clauses

No file submitted will be returned to applicants by the organizing committee. In case of loss, theft or damage of a candidate file, the organizing committee will not be held responsible and therefore not pay any compensation.

The organizing committee will not be liable to candidates or third parties for any indirect, incidental, special or consequential during and after the competition, including, without limitation, profits or other consequential damages.

  1. Dispute

Participation in the contest implies acceptance without reservation of this Regulation. Any dispute, it its nature, relating to this Regulation or the Contest, and will sovereignly decide ultimately by the organizing committee in accordance with the spirit of this Regulation. Candidates declare on the honor of the authenticity and veracity of the information they provide to the organizing committee under this regulation. The organizers reserve the right to remove any application that would include misleading or inaccurate information.

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